Scadaplan is a project management and collaboration tool for small and middle groups. We know how many similar programs can be found across the internet, which consist of functions like Tasks, Deadlines, Calendars, Comments, etc. We ourselves have tried using dozen of similar programs, working in design and developing industry for 9 years. This is why we have decided to develop something of our own and to let the people use our product.

We treat our time with respect and don`t want to waste our time on filling enormous forms when drawing a task during teamwork. This is why, when designing Scadaplan, we focused on keep user`s working time with the program to a minimum. If it is possible to combine the functionality of three buttons into one – we do it! Our aim is to make Scadaplan work on you, not to make you work on your Project management system.

It takes seconds to create, assign and name your task. Every task has built-in timer to log work time and plan your goals. Of course, you can add discussion in a way of comments to your work and make actions (small subtasks) to keep everything organized.

With Scadaplan calendar you'll see the whole picture of your team. Besides today's everyone`s tasks, you can see future work and analyze past projects. Every task is logged with statuses each day, so you can see how the real work is done, for how many days the project was paused or exceeded the deadline.

Being used to Like-facebook notifications, you will be able to be aware of all updates and actions with necessary tasks. When obtaining or assigning a task you subscribe to receiving notifications regarding task updates. One can subscribe or unsubscribe for updates at any moment.

Be notified then we launch!
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